Wooden Pressed Virgin Walnut Oil 100ML
January 10, 2021
Wooden Pressed Virgin Flax Seed Oil 100ML
January 10, 2021
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Wooden Pressed virgin Walnut Oil 250ML



1. Very Important : It improves Blood circulation contains Omega-9 which helps to keep the supple. Flexibility of arteries promotes the flow of blood which reduces the risk of heart attack.
2.Prevent Eczema : A couple of TSP a day is highly beneficial for the peoples suffering with skin rashes & Eczema.
3. Prevent Aging : Prevents the cell damaging which accelerate the free following of blood to body & helps in anti-aging.
4. Hormones Level : Walnut oil is rich in phyoto nutrients & excellent source of Seleniun, phophorus, Magnesium, Zinc are helpful in estabilizing body hormones.
5. Brain : Walnut oil is lack full of Omega-3 which cuts brain innammation.
It keeps oxygen rich blood flow to brain by thinning the blood slightly.

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